Gemini Collage for Myself Magazine

From a set of horoscope illustrations commissioned by German magazine ‘Myself’. You can see the rest on my blog. These are mostly made digitally, but with scanned in elements and texture. They are all based around vintage/retro women and have a ‘feminine’ feel to them.

I was asked that they have colour in them, but not be too colourful and busy. Admittedly, the colour lover that I am, found this a bit challenging at first, but I welcome (illustration based) challenges!

I’m not into horoscopes or Astrology, but have wanted to make a set of horoscope images for a while, and was happy  to get the chance to make these. Especially seeing them in print. If you want to commission me to make horoscope illustrations similar to these (or completely different!) get in touch and let’s discuss.